Take our survey and help a coffee shop get better during COVID-19

Take our survey and help a coffee shop get better during COVID-19

It’s no secret that coffee shops have taken a kicking recently.

COVID19 was brutal for the bottom line of many cafes, with some choosing to permanently stay closed.

But a few weeks ago, the mandatory lockdown was announced to be ending and shops slowly started to reopen their doors any way that they could.

However, customer visits are still very low and it’s very hard for coffee shops to work out why.

This is where we hope you can help.

It’d mean the world to me if you would spend the next 1-2 minutes filling out this survey.

Really think about your answers and be as truthful as possible, even if it’s harsh.

The coffee shops really need honesty right now and it’s 100% anonymous.

The 1-2 minute survey

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