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C Market Coffee

C41 Coffee

Coho Coffee

Craft Cafe

DALINA (Broadway)

DALINA (Chinatown)

Fresh Press Coffee Bar

Green Coast Coffee (Truck)

House of Funk Brewing

House of Funk Coffee Popup

Incognito Coffee

Kafka’s (Gastown)

Kafka’s (Great Northern Way)

Kafka’s (Main Street)


Modus Coffee Roasters

Nemesis Coffee (Gastown)

Nemesis Coffee (Polygon)

Palate Kitchen To Go

Pallet Coffee Roasters (Hastings)

Pallet Coffee Roasters (Downtown Howe St)

Pallet Coffee Roasters (HQ & Roastery)

Pallet Coffee Roasters (Kingsway)

Pallet Coffee Roasters (Kitsilano)

Pallet Coffee Roasters (Oak Street)

Paragon Tea Room

Cafe Portrait

Prado (Commercial Drive)

Prado (Fraser St)

Prado (Fir Street)

Prado (Hastings Street)

Prado (Still Creek)

Prado (Surrey)

Prado (Water St)

Prototype Coffee

Roaster Central (Espressotec)

Rocanini (Kerrisdale)

Rocanini (Mt Pleasant)

Rocanini (Steveston)

Rocanini (Yaletown)

Single V Coffee


Spent Grounds

Sweet Barrel Creamery

The Garden Strathcona

Timbertrain Depot

Whisk Matcha Cafe


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