5K Coffee Club, Powered By Siply!

5K Coffee Club, Powered By Siply!

I grab my laces and wrap them around my hands like an assassin with one of those piano wire thingies.

With one swift pull my running shoes are tight and ready to go.

I marvel at myself in the mirror.

I’m a slim, trim and streamline looking gazelle.

A master of running.

My six-pack ripples under my top.

But wait, what’s that?

It’s March 13th 2020.

Things are about to get husky.

COVID sweeps its way across the nation while take-out pizza sweeps its way across my belly.

My rippling six back is now a sweater, rippling in the wind.

I’m wearing it to hide my doughy midriff.

But don’t worry, as always, I have a solution.

Presenting – The 5K Coffee Club

I’m SUPER excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Canada Running Series , to bring you an entire month of coffee shop themed virtual 5K runs to get you back into fighting shape for beach season.

The premise is simple:

  1. During each week of May 2021, there will be a new 5K run starting and ending at a different coffee shop across the city.
  2. You get an exclusive branded Asobu travel mug for taking part.
  3. You get a $15 Siply voucher to spend on drinks in any of the aforementioned coffee shops.
  4. There is a selection of different prizes to win.
  5. You feel less guilty about stuffing your pie hole with a 6000 calorie croissant because you’ve just completed a 5K run.

When is the event?

The event takes place over the entire month of May 2021.

Where is the event?

This is a Vancouver-only virtual event, starting and ending at four coffee shops, spread out across the city.

What Coffee Shops are Included?

Pallet Coffee Roasters – 980 Howe Street
United Strangers – 2740 Mt Seymour Pkwy, North Vancouver
Prado Cafe – 100 W Hastings St
4th shop TBD – Location will be in Vancouver

You’ll be assigned a $15 voucher to spend on drinks in any of these shops during the month of May.

How do the runs work?

Each week will be hosted at a different coffee shop.

Once you’ve signed up, you can choose any day and any time that week to run the specified 5K loop.

You can run as many 5Ks as you want, or set a goal to run your first 5K. There will be training plans available to help you out.

You can track your progress on the 5K Coffee Club results page.

There’s no limit to the number of runs you can submit throughout the month.

What Swag do I Get?

We have a sweet branded Asobu Orb travel mug/water bottle for you ($30 value).

Mugs are stainless steel and double-wall insulated to keep your hot drinks hot and your iced drinks cold.
When closed up tight, you can throw this mug in your bag without worrying about leaks, and the lid also doubles as a cup.

Mug being put into bagYou get $15 to spend in any of the coffee shops included in the event.

Access to race-specific Strava maps.

strava map

How do I sign up?

I’ve secured 200 dedicated early access spots for Siply users. They’re on a first come first serve basis.

To signup head to the registration page click here and use the access code:


Don’t worry, if you don’t snag a spot today, registration goes live at 10 am tomorrow (Thursday March 25th).

If you have any race signup specific questions, feel free to reach out to the CRS team here: [email protected]

Will I get to see VCS running the race?

As I’m currently the chubbiest cuddliest I’ve ever been, you’re damn right I’ll be there!

Keep your eyes out for the guy running with a paper bag on his head:

Or alternatively, look for the guy that’s just knocked himself out by running into a streetlight.

Either are equally possible.

Sign up for the race now

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