Spotlight on: C41 Coffee in Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver

Massive Menu Update for C41 Coffee in Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver

We’re really excited to announce that C41 Coffee has massively expanded their menu today, from twelve drinks to a whopping twenty-seven!

Where is C41 Coffee?

For those of you that haven’t already taken a visit to C41 Coffee, they’re nestled in the center of Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver.

inside c41 Coffee Shop

Head through any door into Level 1 of the market (ground floor), walk towards the center and follow your nose. The aroma of coffee will guide you to the location!

Espresso Machine

What Can I Expect When I Get There?

They are most famous for their Flat White’s. They’ve perfected the art of this drink, with an amazing balance of espresso to milk. It’s a gateway drink from a Latte into stronger espresso flavours.

A Flat white being poured at c41 Coffee

There is plenty of seating around the cafe and also the market. If it’s sunny, it’s beautiful to wander the area outside.

Seating in Coffee Shop

C41 is run by an amazing coffee human called Andy, who you’ll often see working there.

Andy from c41 Coffee

What’s New on the C41 Coffee Menu?

Here comes the exciting part! C41 have a huge selection of new drinks:

DrinkSizeShop Price ($)Siply Price ($)
Cappuccino 84.293.34
Cappuccino 125.234.08
Chai Latte124.983.89
Cold Brew Coffee125.494.28
Filter Coffee122.752.14
Flat White84.293.34
Flat White125.234.07
Hot Chocolate124.983.88
Iced Americano124.233.29
Iced Dalgona126.475.04
Iced Latte125.494.28
Iced Mocha126.465.03
Iced Pink Latte125.784.50
Iced Tea124.983.88
Lemonade Cold Brew125.984.66
Misto Addon00.500.39
Oatmilk Addon00.660.51
Organic Nitro 125.784.51
Pink Latte125.494.28
Sparkling Espresso124.983.89
Special Chai126.475.05
Special Matcha126.985.44

*Totals calculated by the average user savings inside Siply.

Alternatively, you can check out our Siply savings calculator by clicking here.

Where Can I Get These Amazing Prices?

I’m glad you asked! Siply is free to download in both the Apple and Google app stores. Click a button below to download:


Need more convincing?

Siply was created to curate the absolute best coffee shops in Vancouver. We ensure every shop on our app is of the highest standard. What this means is that their coffee is delicious, their food is high end and their service is the best in the city.

We then work deals with them to get you smoking hot prices on their drinks.

We’re passionate about amazing coffee shops and guarantee each drink you buy. If it sucks, we’ll pay for it.

That’s how confident we are that it’ll be good.

If you have any specific questions about the app, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or use the form below to email us.

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