Single V Coffee Are Giving Away 50 Bottles of Cold Brew to Siply Users

Before we talk about the 50 Bottles of Cold Brew giveaway, I have a question:

Who HATED every second of the last few days of intense heat?

I’ll tell you who – Alan, the official Siply cat.

A cat on a bench

OK, OK, I know, I’m totally milking it.

C’mon, this is the internet and cats are basically a cheat code to an email going well.

And don’t act like you don’t love him.

Shut up and tell me about the 50 Bottles of Cold Brew, Tom

To celebrate making it out of the other side of the heatwave, Single V Coffee in Burnaby are giving away 50 bottles of their incredible new cold brew, made using their house roasted coffee.

Emphasis on the cold part.

One of the 50 Bottles of Cold Brew this weekend!

Firstly it’s from Myanmar, which is a country you don’t see a huge amount of coffee coming from (in Vancouver anyway).

Second up, it’s a Natural Anaerobicly fermented coffee, so it’s an absolute flavour bomb.

The idea is that it’s a double shot that can be added to water, milk or alt mylk to create an amazing iced americano or latte (or hell, shoot it as is!)

All you have to do is turn up to Single V Coffee on the weekend (3rd and 4th of July) and the first 50 people to use the Siply app get one for free.

I’d highly suggest you get there on Saturday, as I imagine these are going to fly off the shelf.

Full Details of the Giveaway:

Single V Coffee
5232 Irmin St,
V5J 1Y7

The offer starts at 10am on Saturday the 3rd and ends when all 50 bottles of cold brew have gone (or the end of the day on the 4th, whichever happens first).

Click here if you want to see more info on Single V Coffee or visit their website here.

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