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Avast Shipmate, welcome to ye personarrrrlised treasure hunt!

Henceforth, ye pirate name shall be Joshbrush Threepwood


Your first clue is a simple one and can be done from the comfort of your chair.

Unless you’re standing, in which case sit down please.

I think it’s time you got yourself a Saturday job, y’know to help pay the bills and all

There is currently a company hiring for a well dressed food influencer.

I wonder where on the internet would they be advertising for work in Vancouver?

They’re a non profit so this site would likely be free

Where oh where could one apply for this CREATIVE GIG?

When you think you’ve worked it out, click the button below and enter the password.

(At any point if you get stuck, ask for another clue by texting 778-873-2516)

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