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5 Great Virtual Team Building Events in Vancouver

Before we dive into the list of virtual team building events in Vancouver, let’s assess the problem we face right now.

Woman with laptop on floorWorking at Home is Actually Really Complicated but Virtual Team Building Events Can Help

Studies show that isolation and burnout are two of the biggest mental health strains among folks that work remotely. Even the most independent self-starter benefits from interactions with coworkers.

The pressure to maintain productivity can lead to longer hours, blurring the lines between work and personal life.

This in turn erodes coworker relations, job satisfaction, productivity, and company culture.

So how can you put the “we” back into “workweek” when handshakes, coffee runs and interdepartmental liquid lunches are on hold?

Here’s our dream itinerary for the ultimate virtual team building day with 5 of the best virtual team building events in Vancouver.

Start Your Day of Virtual Team Building Events by Clearing the Mind with Group Meditation

Time: 9am
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Objective: Release tension, and get into the mindset for an amazing day.

Meditating woman with phone on mat to start the Virtual Team Building Events

Before the first email is sent, use an app like Headspace to host a group meditation session. Let everyone leave their workload worries at the metaphorical door and ground themselves as a group.

The connection created when coworkers mindfully breathe and slow down together fosters greater compassion, cohesion, and resilience. In addition, group meditation can significantly lower stress, reduce burnout, and remind us that we’re all human, #inthistogether.

Choose from a variety of styles and session lengths, or schedule a private workshop with a service like Within.

Working from ohm has never started better.

How to Organize: Have each of your team download the Headspace app. Choose a meditation class and send out the details via email.

Perk Up Your Team Midway Through the Morning with an Online Coffee Tasting event

Time: 11am
Duration: 60 minutes
Objective: Share and explore your love of coffee with a delicious guided coffee-tasting.

Cold brew coffee in glassesRev that energy back up with not one, not two, but three different coffees, crafted by local specialty roasters and delivered to each participant’s door.

In this hour-long tasting, your award-winning host will lead the group from drink to drink through the world of cold brew coffee — all via Zoom or your company’s meeting platform of choice. Discuss tasting notes, learn about brewing methods, and throw questions at your industry insider host.

It’s like an office wine-tasting excursion, but with a different kind of buzz!

The fun continues with coffee trivia, games, and general mixing like you would around the staff room coffee pot (but we guarantee this coffee’s way better).

How to Organize: Register for one of three tour options offered here. The drinks will be delivered ahead of time to each participant.

Challenge Your Team with a Cooperative Online Video Game

Time: 2pm
Duration: 1-5 minutes per round
Objective: Apply strategy and teamwork in a fun, interactive game that anyone can learn.

Among us gameAmong Us is a cooperative multiplayer game that teaches your team to work together and unite around a common goal… the common goal is: “Who keeps killing us?”!

To play, teams of 4 to 10 players work together to fix a broken spaceship. But there’s an Imposter among them whose goal is to sabotage the operation and kill off the crew one by one.

The team must repair the ship in silence, and if a body is discovered, they must decide through open debate who the Imposter is and vote him or her off the ship.

The Imposter remains incognito and tries to convince the team that someone else is the bad guy (or girl), so he or she can continue annihilating both ship and crew.

The team wins if the Imposter is correctly identified and voted off the ship or if they complete all their tasks before the last person is murdered!

How to Organize: Have everyone download the game (we recommend the PC version if possible), then start a private session and share the join-code with your team. Click to download for Android, iOS and Windows.

Host an Online Happy Hour with Canadian Craft Tours

Time: 4pm
Duration: 60-90 minutes
Objective: Learn about craft beer and taste some unique local brews.

Flight of beerGo behind-the-scenes at some of the best local breweries and learn the craft beer method, while sipping some of their finest offerings.

Led by an industry expert, you’ll learn how your favourite breweries have hopped on the delivery wagon, how to identify different types of beer and more. The virtual tour includes trivia, games, four different beers to sample, and lots of time to mingle afterwards.

The tours can be customized to include food pairings like cheese, crackers, and charcuterie, wine features, mixology, or even a special theme.

How to Organize: Sign up with Canadian Craft Tours here and the tasting packages will be delivered to each participant ahead of time.

Finish Your Day of Virtual Team Building Events with a Game of “Never Have I Never”

Time: 5:30pm
Duration: 10-30 minutes
Objective: Get to know your coworkers a little better and end on a high note.

Laptop user laughing at Virtual Team Building EventsAs a newly-instated cohort of mindful coffee and beer experts bonded by space battle survival, there should be no secrets among you, right?

Well okay, maybe certain skeletons should stay deeply closeted with those ugly sweaters. But a work-friendly game of ‘Never have I ever’ offers another fun opportunity to get better acquainted.

To play, your team is given a statement. For example: “Never have I ever: Talked to Myself Out Loud in Public”. Each participant then confidently (or not, as the case may be) states that they have or haven’t done that thing.

You’re in for some laughs and surprises! And there may even be some goal-setting to report back on, unrelated to work and conducive to stronger social connection. A high and memorable point to end your day of virtual team building events!

How to Organize: Give your team a heads-up so they can come prepared with statements. Find inspiration in the “Clean” or “Work” categories here.

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